Auburn's Jay Jacobs to step down as athletics director

Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs announced in a release Friday that he will step down from his position with the university.

He said he will either relinquish his position June 1, 2018, or when his successor is hired by the school.

“I have come to this decision after a lot of prayer, deliberative discussions with my wife, Angie, and with the realization that it is time for a new leader of an incredible Department,” he wrote.

Auburn athletics has been involved in two scandals in the last year, most notably the Tigers’ basketball program being named in an FBI probe that revealed a pay-for-play scheme in which college coaches were allegedly funneling money to players through shoe companies to get them to play for their programs and eventually sign with the companies after they went pro.

The second involved assistant softball coach Corey Myers, who was found to have engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with players, resulting in the resignation of Myers and his father, head coach Clint Myers.

Jacobs did not reference either of these incidents specifically in his release, but he did mention the events in general.

“The last several months have been a particularly difficult time. Across several sports, a series of controversies have arisen,” he said. “They have begun to take their toll and have raised questions about why Auburn must endure such problems. As I have always done, I have worked my hardest and best to do what is right for Auburn.


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