Bet365 account verification is a 2 step process

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In this option, you will need to download your birth certificate. Option A is much easier to provide the birth certificate so we recommend that you select option A in step 1.

To do this, you simply connect to your account using your password and continue to click on the ‘Services’ tab in the upper right of the Web page. This should also lead to a dropdown menu with “Member” as one of the options. Click on this be inaugurated to another smaller list. Select ‘My account’, then as detailed above, go to the mini-onglet ‘Know Your Customer ‘.

Do not forget that the method you choose to verify your account Bet365 will depend on your country of residence, and emergency.

(A) to download your document of identity

(B) download your supporting Documentation

Please make sure that the document includes your full name and residential address registered on your account bet365. Documents must not have expired and statements or invoices must be dated within months past3. For the card and the bank instructions please virgins on all but the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card number.

As usual, start by logging in to your account by using the password provided during your initial registration. Continue to click on the ‘services’ tab in the upper right corner of the Web page. A drop down menu will appear and select “Member” in the list. This opens the door to another list. Click on ‘My account’ from the list of options and then finally conclude by click option ‘know your customer ‘.How to verify your Bet365 account?

You can also check your Bet365 account using your mailing address, even if the process takes longer – usually, 15 to 20 days.

In the list of available verification options, select “Post audit” and continue to fill your correct postal address. Within two weeks, you will receive a mail from Bet365 with postal code.

Fortunately, there are several methods that you can use to verify your account.Bet365 account verification is a 2 step process. And you must complete one of the options of checking at each stage. You don’t have to do all the options, simply select the option that is easier for you.Step 1 – Bet365 Account Verification

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Now, return to the section “My account” and feed the secret code on the KYC checking tab.

(C) enter your postal verification code

(A) to download your document of identity

After completing an option of each step, your account must be completely verified, and you can withdraw your winnings using one of your preferred tracks. If you don’t know how to withdraw your money from your bet365 account you can check our article of bet365 withdrawal methods.

But remember if you already select this option in step 1, then you cannot select the option even so you must select one of the other options listed below.

This option is fairly easy to complete because we required, just sweep one of them and upload documents.

(B) download your supporting Documentation

If you select this option you must download one of the following documents: Passport, ID card or driver’s license you

As usual, sign up is free, but you must verify your new account for you to access and withdraw your winnings after a victory. And this is something that a positively other many existing sites of bet as far as going the security users.

Bet365 offers first deposit of £200 bonusStep 2 – Bet365 Account Verification

If you select this option you must download one of the following documents: Passport, ID card or driver’s license you.

There is no denying that Bet365 is one of the few sites excellent Paris around – not only for recreation of Paris but also professional Paris also. If you do not have a bet365 account, you can get 100% first deposit bonus.

BettingHow to check your bet365 account and withdraw your funds

In this option, you will need to download one of the following documents: bank statement, Council tax account, credit card statement, land line or mobile phone bill, electricity bill.

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