Chinese law professor calls BS that Donald Trump saved UCLA players from prison time

President Donald Trump called LaVar Ball “ungrateful” for not being more appreciative for getting his son and two other UCLA players out of five to 10 years in jail for a shoplifting charge in China.

The only problem is a shoplifting charge apparently does not carry that kind of jail time with a conviction. In fact, it doesn’t carry jail time at all, according to a Hong Kong law professor.

“It’s nonsense,” Fu Hualing, a law professor at the University of Hong Kong told the New York Times. “I would be surprised if they were even prosecuted.”

According to the Times, a shoplifting charge in China is a “relatively minor” crime and foreigners convicted of the offense are more often deported than put in jail. 

So it’s understandable that Ball would not be rushing to thank Trump for “getting his son out of” prison time.


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