Cowboys owner Jerry Jones evaluates 'disappointing' season

As the Cowboys head into their season finale against the Eagles Sunday, team owner Jerry Jones is reflecting on a “disappointing” season. 

Dallas came into 2017 off of a 13-3 season with hopes of making a Super Bowl run, but that certainly has not been the case. While Jones remains optimistic, he willingly admits that the Cowboys shouldn’t be where they are this year.

“Well, I think that we all are disappointed because we didn’t meet our expectation,” Jones said, via Star-Telegram. “We shouldn’t have had the record that we had this year.”

Jones gave credit to the Cowboys defense, adding it’s “coming of age,” but when speaking about the offense, the owner had some reservations and avoided the subject, according to SportsDay.

There were plenty of issues on that side of the ball. Running back Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension obviously hurt. Wide receiver Dez Bryant dropped some passes he’d normally catch.

Quarterback Dak Prescott, coming off a great rookie season, seems to have regressed. Prescott, who was only intercepted four times in 2016, has 13 so far in 2017. Nine of those have come in the past seven games when the Cowboys have really struggled.

“You’re always looking at what you’re doing in all phases of your team. You’re looking at what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, how you’re doing it and who you’re doing it with,” coach Jason Garrett said (via Star-Telegram). “We look at ourselves as coaches first, and then we look at the execution. We’ve got to get better, there’s no question about that.”

Despite an offense that the Cowboys still need to figure out, Jones believes the team’s future is “bright.” However, he did indicate that Dallas will continue to evaluate the roster and make personnel changes to put together the best team possible.

“When we can, we will improve personnel-wise. The draft lets you have a good spot to do that,” Jones said, via SportsDay. “You can do some things with your budget or you can do things with the financial aspect of it, reallocate some dollars. This is going to give us a good chance to do that this year.”


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