Giancarlo Stanton trade news: Marlins RF rejects trade to Giants

Giancarlo Stanton has rejected the Giants’ trade proposal that would send the Marlins’ right fielder to San Francisco, the team announced Friday.

“Our agreement with the Marlins to acquire Giancarlo Stanton subject to his waiving of the no-trade clause will not move forward and it is our understanding that the Marlins and Stanton are exploring other options,” the release said.

The Cardinals pulled out of the Stanton sweepstakes today, and it would now appear San Francisco is out of the running because they reportedly were offering their top three prospects in the deal.

Now the attention turns to who could land the 2017 NL MVP in a deal. Stanton is rumored to be willing to go to the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs and Astros, but logically the only two teams likely to have the prospects or the motivation to get Stanton would be the Dodgers and the Yankees.

The Astros likely don’t have a need for Stanton considering Josh Reddick is signed up for three more years and they have George Springer in center field in addition to both Derek Fisher and Kyle Tucker presenting intriguing prospects in the future.


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