Here's how Duke's Grayson Allen received a black eye vs. Boston College

Boston College pulled off an upset over No. 1 Duke Saturday afternoon, and the Blue Devils’ Grayson Allen suffered a black eye in the process.

If you only tuned into the game late, you probably wondered where it came from. While it’s hard to say for sure whether it came on a hit from a Boston College player, or accidentally from his own teammate, the play from where it happened is undeniable. Allen took a charge, and when he landed, his teammate Javin DeLaurier came by and appeared to kick him in the face.

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Immediately after that play, Allen went to get quick medical treatment for his eye, but he didn’t miss much action. He continued to stay in the game, and played his all-out style of basketball. 

Reaction to Grayson Allen’s black eye


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