Jimmy Fallon became Ryan Lochte at the VMAs, and Michael Phelps loved it

Imagine Ryan Lochte settling in for a quiet evening at home Sunday. He wants to clear his mind and avoid all the drama surrounding the charge of falsely reporting a robbery while in Brazil during the Olympics. Let’s turn on the TV, he thinks. Hey, wonder what’s happening at the Video Music Awards on that cool MTV channel, bro! Jeah!

Then, out comes Jimmy Fallon looking exactly like Lochte.

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“The Tonight Show” host presented the Video of the Year award sporting a silver medal and Lochte’s platinum-off-white-dumb hairstyle. Fallon spit out a number of lies as Lochte (he wrote Justin Bieber’s hit “Sorry,” directed all of the nominees’ videos, taught Drake the “Hotline Bling” dance, etc.), but he finally got a reaction from the crowd with his final zinger.

“I can’t tell you (who had the best video of the year),” Fallon said. “They’re all so great and so talented, I could never choose. I couldn’t tell you, even if there was a gun to my head.”


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Just to rub it in a little bit more, Lochte’s teammate and gold medal hoarder Michael Phelps seemed to be enjoying every minute of it.

Sorry, Ryan. This joke train is going to keep chugging along.


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