Oklahoma RB Rodney Anderson 'unlikely' to be charged with sexual assault, report says

Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson and his legal team are not expecting him to be charged with sexual assault, The Daily Oklahoman reported Wednesday, citing unidentified sources.

The Sooners’ leading rusher was accused by a 23-year-old woman of raping her in the early hours of Nov. 16. The woman went to police this past weekend after she said she began recalling the events of the alleged attack. She filed a request for an emergency protective order Monday.

Anderson, 21, has denied the accusations, and The Oklahoman reported that a charge is “unlikely,” given the circumstances.

According to Anderson’s attorney, Derek Chance, they have proof that the woman “attempted to pursue a relationship” after Nov. 16 and that Anderson “declined several social invitations” from her. These exchanges are in text messages between Anderson and the woman, Chance said.

At this point, Anderson has not been arrested or charged with a crime. Police said they were investigating the matter, and the University of Oklahoma was aware of the ongoing investigation.

On Tuesday, Anderson set up a Twitter account specifically to address the accusation, saying he was innocent.


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