World Series 2017: Jon Lester rips Dodgers for taking Rich Hill out early in Game 2

Jon Lester was not a fan of the Dodgers pulling starting pitcher Rich Hill from Game 2 of the World Series after just 60 pitches Wednesday. The veteran Cubs southpaw is also upset with how bullpens are being used in today’s game. 

“I hate it. I absolutely hate it,” Lester told CBS Sports Radio Thursday. “You pay your starting pitchers to be starting pitchers. You pay your studs to be studs.”

The Dodgers took Hill out Wednesday night after just four innings, and while the Dodgers’ bullpen had been lights out, Lester was quick to point out just how tough it is to get so many outs in an incredibly important game.

“Rich Hill had given up what, two hits, three hits, given up a run, through four with minimal pitches and he’s out,” Lester said. “So now you’re stretching your bullpen to get 15 outs and that’s a lot of outs from your bullpen, and then that’s a lot of mix and matching, that’s a lot of high-stress pitches on those guys, and then now you’re bringing in Kenley Jansen to get six outs.”

Jansen had been virtually unhittable in the postseason, allowing no runs in nine innings while giving up a mere two hits and one walk. But Wednesday he allowed both an inherited runner to score in the eighth inning and a game-tying home run in the ninth.


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